Board of Directors

Ayurvet has a team of illustrious people making up its Board of Directors. The Board is committed to take the company onto newer levels of human endeavour in the service of animal health care. A brief profile of the Board members is presented below.
Mr. Pradip Burman
Mr. Mohan Ji Saxena
Managing Director
Dr. P. N. Bhat
Mr. Anil Nehru
Mr. Pradeep Wig
Chairman MessageAt Ayurvet, we are committed to bring Traditional Knowledge of Ayurveda to a scientific platform  with the aid of Modern Research for the benefit of animals.  For the health and the productivity of animals, it is our endeavour to promote those technologies that leave a friendly foot print on our planet.  We follow environment-friendly practices keeping in mind the effect on the ecology of the planet.  Our products are designed  to meet new challenges which our modern life-style gives rise to, and are standarised and scientifically evaluated for their safety and effectiveness.  Our emphasis is on research and innovation.

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