Monday, 1 October 2012

Ayurvet Knowledge Symposium

All living creatures are believed to be constituted out of “Panch – Tatva” i.e. Prithvee (Earth), Agni (fire), Jal (Water), Vayu (Air) and Akash( Ether). Historical development of mankind under various era of pre-civilization, post-civilization spanning over dark stone age to modern and super-industrialized technology led world has been influenced by water and fuel resource(s).

Today, the Global concern for Food & Energy Security; Hunger & Malnutrition, Global Warming and Changing climate pattern, Economic Recession and Unemployment, Rising Human Population and declining Natural Resources are threatening our survival.

Over the last 200 years, Knowledge, Science and Technology blended together with “Innovative Ideas” have contributed immensely in pulling the people, societies and countries out of poverty, malnutrition, diseases and suffering and improve the standard of living manifold.

With development, come the new problems and therefore the quest to find newer solutions to the growing number of multiple problems faced in “Agricultureand Livestock Food Production System” can be addressed through innovation idea(s). 

Ayurvet, an organization which has innovation encrypted in its genes, floating in the protoplasmic fluid of knowledge, sieved through the tools of science and technology has propounded the concept of Integrating Livestock and Agriculture using the available resources under 5 F Programme. This programme defines sustainable integration of Food, Feed, Fodder, Fertilizer & Fuel for the benefit of all stake holders.   The 5F Program has embedded in it the technologies to fulfill the disjointed missing link of “Value Creation” through optimum resource usage.

The Ayurvet Knowledge Symposium shall be sharing platform for scientists, nutritionists, agriculturist, feed industry experts and farmers of Livestock & Agriculture sectors to deliberate and discuss these issues towards possible solutions

This initiative of Ayurvet to share knowledge and addressing modern research in the area of Integrated Approach of Livestock & Agriculture sustainably is in the line with our commitments towards addressing the triple bottom line profits & inclusive growth